What Are The Latest Trends in Designer Glasses?

Here at Realeyes Opticians, we love eyecare and we are passionate about providing our customers with the latest styles from designers across the world. Whether you are looking for stylish everyday glasses or a designer pair of sunglasses, we believe that glasses can be an excellent style statement. From sophisticated classic styles to quirky designs which are sure to make you stand out in a crowd, we take a look at the latest trends in designer glasses.

Vintage Inspired

Frames inspired by the geometric shapes of the 70’s are proving to be very popular, with circles, ovals and square shapes in bold colours sure to give your style a boost. Whether you have a round face, a square shaped face or an oval shaped face, these geometric styles will flatter your features.

Metal Wired Glasses

When it comes to classic wire-framed styles, Ray-Ban’s timeless aviators will always be on trend. However, other designers are adding to this iconic style with metal framed glasses available in a range of shapes, sizes, and colours. If you are looking for comfort, practicality and style, these metal frames are very durable, flexible, and lightweight.

Tortoise Shell

For those who love all things retro, tortoiseshell patterns are a versatile style option. Many designers are adding a modern twist to this vintage style with bold shapes and translucent frames. This flexible pattern can be mixed with a variety of outfits, from business wear to casual weekend clothes, and there are many colours and shades to choose from.

Tinted Lenses

From rustic golden hues to rose-tinted lenses, these colourful styles are definitely a great option for those looking for an eye-catching style. We recommend a lighter pastel hue for day-to-day wear, which can be beautifully paired with a range of frame styles.

Clear Frames

The translucent clear frames provide the perfect balance between being on-trend and sophisticated, with styles available that look great on both men and women. In particular, the clear grey, golden honey and dusted pink are proving to be very popular with designers this year. This transparent style carried through many designer items this season, with bags, shoes and even trench coats given a clear makeover.

Embellished Frames

If you love all things glam, embellished frames are the perfect option for you. The runway this year was filled with sparkling frames which are sure to add a touch of glam to your everyday wardrobe. Take your wardrobe up a notch with Swarovski crystals, bold colours, and luxurious frames.

Cat-eye Glasses

The geometric shape of cat-eye glasses will flatter your face shape and allow your personality to shine through, thanks to their playful design. If you are looking for a pair of glasses which are professional enough for the boardroom, whilst bringing out your fun side, cat-eye glasses are the perfect on trend style.

Now that you know the key trends to look out for, it is time to find your next pair of glasses. We’ve trawled through fashion houses across the globe to bring you the latest fashion trends in store. Our staff are fully fashion styling trained and can help you pick your perfect pair with the best advice on what will look good on you coupled with advice on the right lenses for you. Book an appointment with us and try on the latest trends and designers in a comfortable and safe environment.

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