Corporate Partnerships

Bolle is a leader in protective eyewear. The Bolle boffins spend their time measuring material resistances to high speed ballistics – for example – to protect our eyes. Bolle safety eyewear has many advanced technical and comfort features, including removable temples, pivotable temples and grip tips.We offer a wide Bolle safety glasses but fitted with your own customised prescription lens.

Eyecare Vouchers

Have you been given an eye care voucher from your employer? Realeyes Opticians is now pleased to be able to accept eye care vouchers for eye examinations.

How will eye care vouchers benefit me?

Eye care vouchers are an easy way for employers to make sure you get the eye care you’re entitled to if you work on visual display units (VDUs) or drive for work purposes. They can also be used to cover paying for prescription safety spectacles.

Research shows that 70 per cent of employees have experienced blurred vision, headaches or migraines as a result of using a computer at work. Clearly, it’s important to look after your eyes – but a survey of UK workers shows that one in five has not had their eyes tested in five years. Eyecare vouchers are a way of helping you get the eye care you need quickly and conveniently.

If you regularly use a VDU at work, your employer has an obligation to pay for your annual eye test and, in some cases, for your glasses.

Under the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulation 1992, you can ask employers to:
Pay for eye tests at regular intervals
Pay for glasses if they are specifically needed for VDU work

Corporate eye examinations

Corporate eye examinations have become an integral part of the service we provide at Realeyes Opticians. For this reason that we offer special corporate rates for companies to meet their health and safety requirements regarding display screen equipment. 

This safety regulation was set up in 2007 under the European Health and Safety Law stating ‘An employer is obliged to pay for an eye examination for those individuals who use VDU’s (visual display units) and for a pair of basic glasses if they are specifically and exclusively for VDU use’.

If you are a company interested in joining our corporate programme you can email us on [email protected]