How do I Choose My First Pair of Glasses?

If your optician has advised that you need to wear glasses, it may have come as a bit of a shock. However, putting on your first pair of perfectly fitting glasses will enhance your natural features and ensure you see everything clearly. It can be hard to know which style of glasses is best for you, so our dispensing opticians and frame styling experts have put together their top tips for choosing your first pair of glasses.

Choosing Your Lenses

Once you have your prescription, you will be ready to choose the perfect lenses. In the past, lenses were commonly made using mineral glass however high-quality plastic lenses are increasing in popularity. It is also important to consider finishes such as anti-reflective coatings, breakage resistance, self-tinting lenses, and hydrophobic and antistatic coatings. There are also task-specific lenses that can enhance your vision whilst working, playing sport or carrying about your favourite hobby. Your dispensing optician should ask you a series of question that will get to know your lifestyle better to help you choose the correct lens to suit you. 

The Best Frame Shape to Suit Your Face

It may be overwhelming at first when trying to decide which is the most flattering frame shape, and you may be surprised at which styles suit your face shape. In general, if you have a round face the angular frames will work well, and for heart shaped faces we always recommend oval shaped styles. Those with an oval shaped face are lucky, as almost every shape of frame will compliment your features. Our frame stylists have gone to great lengths to understand what glasses suit which face shape. 

Think About Colour and Patterns

There are an almost endless array of colours and patterns to choose from, and we always advise our customers to pick frame colours which compliment their skin tone and personal style. Whether you are looking for a bright and bold style or a more traditional tortoiseshell design, there will always be an option which enhances your individual style, which we can help you with. 

Consider Your Comfort

If you are not used to wearing glasses regularly, the weight of heavier styles may be uncomfortable. If you will be wearing glasses daily you should choose a comfortable lightweight style, although for occasional wear, a heavier frame will be fine. We stock brands like Lindberg, that give you the options for a lightweight frame.

What is Your Budget?

Setting a budget is one of the most important steps in choosing a pair of glasses, as the price can vary greatly. We always aim to stock the best quality glasses at the most competitive prices, and we believe a great pair of glasses is possible without breaking the bank.

If you are hoping to purchase a spare pair of glasses or prescription sunglasses in addition to your main pair, we can recommend pairs which fit within your budget. Alternatively, if you have a designer brand which you love to wear, we can point you in the direction of this season’s latest styles.

Whatever you choose we want to make things easier for you so we can offer an interest free credit option to pay for your glasses over a few months. 

An Expert Team of Advisors

Here at Realeyes Opticians, our team are always on hand to help when you are trying on and comparing frames. We can offer our expert advice to help you find the best frames for your lenses, your lifestyle, and your face shape. Your glasses will become a key part of your identity and our team will help you to express your style with a pair of glasses that suit your budget and your lifestyle.

To find out more you can book an appointment at your local branch. 

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