Five Reasons Why You Should Get Your Eyes Examined

We may not always appreciate how precious our eyesight is until something goes wrong. It’s vital to get an eye examination at least every two years, or earlier if recommended by your Optometrist. We’ve put together our top reasons to get your eyes examined.

Your Eyes Are Always Changing

You only get one pair of eyes and you can’t replace your eyesight once it has gone. Your eyesight and general state of your eyes is always changing. Your age, wear and tear, medical conditions, exposure to the sun and more can all contribute to changes in your eyesight, so it’s important to regularly check whether your vision has changed. Lifestyle choices, such as your job or hobbies can affect your vision also, for example sitting in front of the computer for a prolonged period of time can change your eyesight.

Detect Any Issues

Your eyes don’t usually hurt when something is wrong. Detecting a condition early gives us a better chance of curing conditions. Your eyes can hold a good indication of other problems occurring in the body as well. A routine eye exam could detect a serious illness that you may not have noticed, so it’s important to get checked regularly by your local Optometrist. Also, potentially blinding conditions, like glaucoma, can be detected early in an eye examination.

Ensure You’re Legal

Poor eyesight is dangerous on the roads. If you drive you have a legal standard of eyesight you have to meet. Many drivers don’t realise that they’re not legally compliant and this could result in prosecution or confiscation of your driving licence if discovered. You could also lose your job if you work in an industry that requires the operation of vehicles. Many drivers do not notice their vision gradually waning as they get older, so it’s important to regularly check your vision.

Maintain Healthy Eyes

Healthy eyesight is fundamental to getting the most out of life. Other health problems like diabetes or heart conditions can be spotted in an eye exam. Many eye conditions or diseases do not always have obvious symptoms. There could be a problem with your eyes that you haven’t noticed yet, so it’s vital that you ensure your eyes are checked regularly to stay healthy. As well as checking your vision, your Optometrist will be able to determine if your eyes are in a healthy state and recommend treatment if needed.

Check Your Glasses and Contact Lens Prescriptions

Regular examinations help ensure any correction you need is the best available. Wearing incorrect glasses and contacts can strain your eyes and further damage your eyesight. An eye examination gives your Optometrist the chance to check that your prescription is still suitable and that your glasses are fitted correctly and gives you the opportunity to ask any questions about contact lens care.

If you can’t remember when your last eye examination was due then it’s likely you’re overdue for one. You can book an appointment online by clicking the link below. 

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