Eye Wear

Choosing a pair of spectacles is exciting

And can ultimately make an enormous impact on the way you look, just like having your hair done or updating your wardrobe. We can help you combine style and comfort to correct your vision so you can get the most out of it.

Specialist Lenses

An advancement in lens technology has meant that we can demand more from our glasses so that we have crisp, clear vision whether we are at work our socialising in the evenings.

Every lens choice is tailor made to your requirements.  We spend time by finding out about your work, your hobbies and looking at factors such as age and lifestyle.  Working in partnership with lens specialist Seiko, we can find you the perfect lens. 

We fit all kind of lenses from a straightforward single vision right through to a bespoke lens for stronger prescriptions.  Our lenses can be made superior, thinner, flatter and lighter lenses where needed.  Plus, we take precise measurements using the latest digital technology, so your lenses are totally optimised specially for you.

We find you a solution to every problem – if you find driving at night hard we can offer you a lens coating to reduce the glare; if you work at a computer there is a specialist lens for you to reduce tiredness for the eyes; and if you’re a keen sports personality we can offer you a lens to enhance your performance.


We definitely agree that a good pair of designer sunglasses can make the ultimate fashion statement but at Realeyes we combine great fashion without compromising eye protection.

After all, while you want your sunglasses to be stylish but at the same times protect your eyes from harmful UV light.  We put as much effort into sourcing advanced lens technology as we do into selecting the most fashionable sunglasses.

We’ve spent time and effort when it comes to selecting our optical masterpieces from popular fashion houses across the globe but have worked to ensure an affordable price for our valued customers.  Available with prescription lenses or without, our eyewear is designed to make your life easier and world clearer.

Sports Vision

If you have ever wondered how much your sports performance could be improved by vision correction just look at the professionals, wearing glasses and lenses designed for their sport to keep them playing at the very highest level regardless of the conditions.

Whether you are a glasses wear or not our team can advise you on the best performance enhancing eyewear available for you.  There are specialist tints and polarised lenses that cut unwanted reflections on the road, in the snow and water.  Other tints can help the ball stand out against any backgrounds and help highlight objects when the lights are low.  We have lenses that can ensure you can continue playing in the rain without your vision being compromised.

Also, the actual frame design and fitting can be a game changer.  A larger wrap around frame can help take put glare, dust and rain to allow you to perform your best.  We can also offer advice on protective eye wear that can help prevent injuries from squash balls, stone or other things that can cause eye injuries.

The difference between first and second place is sometimes a 100th of a second so clarity of vision is just as vital as speed and endurance.