Contact Lenses

Contact lens information

At Realeyes, our staff are fully trained to recommend the best contact lens options to suit your life style. There are many options and there’s one to suit you.

It’s very important to have your contact lenses fitted by a specialist and that they are checked regularly by a professional. At Realeyes, we put particular importance on checking your contact lenses regular to maintain optimum eye health.


Gas Permeable Lenses

This is a rigid lens made from durable plastic material that allows oxygen into the cornea. This gives better comfort and a reduction in eye problems. Wearers of this type of lens say it takes some time to get used to them but are comfortable thereafter.

Contact lens wearing times:

Until recently contact lens wearers removed their lenses and cleaned them nightly. There are now many wearing time options available on contact lenses:

Simple Steps for contact lens care:

Simple Steps for contact lens care:

Direct Debit Scheme:

We’re always looking for ways to give our customers better value and a better experience. When you sign-up to our dedicated contact lens direct debit scheme, we’ll not only keep you regularly supplied with lenses, we’ll give you a range of exclusive offers including:

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