Children's Eyes

Children as young as three years old visit us to have an eye examination and we can carry out an examination using pictures if they are unable to read. Most children think what they can see is normal and it might not be so it’s always a good idea to have their eyes examined regularly from a young age. The test is painless and we’ll talk you through the results. Our optometrists often comment on how parents wish they’d brought in a child sooner to have their eyes examined.

  • Children’s eye care is precious.
  • Eye problems like long-sightedness, short-sightedness, squints and lazy eyes can affect their development and learning progress at school.
  • The sooner a problem is detected the more effectively it can be treated, for example by Children’s Glasses.
  • If eyesight problems are left undetected, this may cause permanent disabilities and vision defects. It is for this reason we recommend early eye examinations, at least by the age of three.
  • More than one in 10 children, in every classroom, are estimated to have an undiagnosed vision problem that is impacting their learning and development, according to the Association of Optometrist (AOP).

Good eyesight is crucial in making sure a child develops to their full potential both at school and socially.  It’s especially important to look after children’s eyes – the eye is still developing throughout early childhood so if problems are treated early, it can make a lasting difference.

We offer a full range of services to meet your eye care needs from a comprehensive eye health examination, contact lens consultations, as well as medical eye care.