Eye Examinations

People who enjoy excellent vision often wonder whether they really need to schedule an eye exam. But an eye exam is just as much about checking the health of your eyes as it is evaluating how well you can see.

OCT Eye Scans

An extension of the standard eye examination, a 3D eye scan allows us to look deeper into the back of the eye and spot eye related issues sooner. It can detect any changes to your eyes up to four years earlier than a standard eye examination, and long before you may notice any issues yourself.

Vision & Learning

There has been a lot of research carried out on whether reading on a white background with black text can sometimes hinder reading in both adults and children. Many of our patients come to us complaining that when they are reading books the text moves, they get tired reading or they get headaches, eye strains or even migraines.

Dry Eye Clinic

Dry eyes syndrome is a common condition where your eyes don’t make enough tears or the tears evaporate too quickly. Dry eyes affect millions of people across the globe so you’re not on your own.

Glaucoma & Diabetes Screening

Nicknamed the ‘silent thief of sight’, if left untreated glaucoma causes blindness. It’s extremely important for diabetics to have a regular eye examination.

Specialist Lenses

An advancement in lens technology has meant that we can demand more from our glasses so that we have crisp, clear vision whether we are at work or socialising in the evenings.

Children's Eyes

Children as young as three years old visit us to have an eye examination and we can carry out an examination using pictures if they are unable to read. Most children think what they can see is normal and it might not be so it’s always a good idea to have their eyes examined regularly from a young age. The test is painless and we’ll talk you through the results. Our optometrists often comment on how parents wish they’d brought in a child sooner to have their eyes examined.

VDU Examinations

If you work on a digital device for a large part of your working day, we recommend you have an eye examination to ensure you don’t suffer from Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).