Why It’s a Bad Idea to Order Your Glasses Online

We are living in an age where almost everything is available to us at the touch of a button, from staying in touch with friends and family, through to online shopping. However, when it comes to ordering new glasses, just because you can order them quickly online, it doesn’t mean you will be benefitting from the best service or access to the best eyewear for you.

We always recommend purchasing your glasses through a recommended qualified optician and here’s why.

Your prescription is Checked at Every Stage

The most important part of buying new glasses is having your vision checked by an optician, and when you order glasses online you are completely removing their expert medical services from the process. If you have already seen an optician and have a recent prescription, there can still be issues with ordering online as you will need manually enter the exact details into a website. There will be no professional to check that you have entered the details correctly, in fact, you won’t even have to enter your optometrists’ details leaving you open to many prescription errors. 

Also, the pupillary distance and height measurements are a vital component of the overall prescription process, especially for computer lenses and variofacal lenses. These important measurements are not provided as part of a prescription during an eye examination, but rather they are taken by a professional in-store at the opticians, you just don’t have the tools for these at home or online. Without these, it will be impossible to ensure a truly accurate fit and vision quality with your new glasses. 

You Avoid Fitting Inaccuracies

If you have purchased glasses from a store-based optician, you will be familiar with the process of selecting and trying on frames. This is an essential part of picking eyewear, as it allows you to find a shape and style which suits your features, and there is always an expert on hand to offer their advice. 

Some forms of vision correction lenses are better suited to a certain type of frame. 

Once you select your favourite frames, they will be adjusted to fit your face perfectly so that you can be sure they will be comfortable and secure.

Your Quality is Guaranteed

When you order online there is no opportunity to hold the glasses in your hand to examine the quality, and many online retailers are known for using the cheapest possible materials. Not only will they break easily, but with no physical store to visit to have your glasses replaced or repaired, it may be difficult to resolve any issues.

We're Here for You if Something Goes Wrong

As glasses are a tailored product, sometimes things can go wrong. When you buy your glasses online, the problems are often hard to resolve and take a long time. With an local optician you can pop in and get a resolve quickly and efficiently. 

The internet is brilliant in many ways, however here at Realeyes Opticians we believe that the internet is not a place for professional optometry. Our team take pride in helping our customers to find the perfect glasses, from our professional opticians who will prescribe the perfect lenses through to the quality frames which our team will help you to choose.

If you are thinking of ordering glasses online, we highly recommend seeking professional advice first from your local optician. Your vision is precious and you want to protect it as much as possible. 

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