Specialist Clinics

We Don’t Only Carry Out Eye Examinations

When patients come in for a regular eye examination they’re often surprised that we offer so many other services apart from your standard eye examination. So, we thought it befitting to just give you lowdown on the other eye related service we offer.

3D OCT Eye Scan

This is an extension of the standard eye examination. A 3D eye scan allows us to look deeper into the back of the eye and spot eye related issues sooner. It can detect any changes to your eyes up to four years earlier than a standard eye examination -long before you may notice any issues yourself.

The technology is similar to an ultrasound. It can highlight early signs of common eye problems such as glaucoma, diabetes and age-related macular degeneration up to four years in advance. The machine scans the eye without even touching them.

Dry Eye Clinics

Many of us have spent way too much time on screens over the last few months. Are you are experiencing sore, gritty, itchy eyes? It’s quite likely you’re suffering from what us opticians call Dry Eyes. Simply put, when we stare at screens too long we blink less producing less tears so our eyes aren’t as lubricated.

Dry eyes affect millions of people across the globe so you’re not on your own.

You might find your eyelids stuck together on waking, temporary blurry vision, red and itchy eyes, sensitivity to lights or tired eyes.

Dry eyes can be caused by certain medications or medical conditions, prolonged screen work, ageing, hormonal changes or contact lens over wear.

Visual Stress Clinics

There has been a lot of research carried out on whether reading on a white background with black text can sometimes hinder reading in both adults and children. Many of our patients come to us complaining that when they are reading books the text moves, they get tired reading or they get headaches, eye strains or even migraines.

We can carry out a simple computer formulated Visual Stress Screening. We can determine whether you could benefit from a different coloured background when reading.

We find this test benefits children the most, especially in gaining reading confidence. Some children increase their reading speed simply by putting on a specially prescribed coloured overlay. Many schools are even able to change the smart board backgrounds to help the children. 

Specialist Children's Clinics

Children’s eye are precious and that’s why their eye examination looks very different to a standard eye examination. Our optometrist will look out for eye conditions that can hinder their learning and development at school. These could include eye problems like long-sightedness, short-sightedness, squints and lazy eyes.

The sooner a problem is detected the more effectively it can be treated and we realise good eyesight is crucial in making sure a child develops to their full potential both at school and socially.

Glaucoma and Diabetes Clinics

Glaucoma has been nicknamed the ‘silent thief of sight’, if left untreated glaucoma causes blindness. It’s extremely important for diabetics to have a regular eye examination. We additional specialist tests if you or your family suffer from any of these conditions.

Specialist Lenses

During your eye examination our optometrist will ask you questions about your lifestyle. It’s important for us to find out about your lifestyle so that we can offer you the best lenses to suit your needs.

We find you a solution to every problem. If you drive a lot at night we can offer you a lens coating to reduce the glare; if you work at a computer there is a specialist lens for you to reduce tiredness for the eyes; and if you’re a keen sports personality we can offer you a lens to enhance your performance. 

You can now demand more from our glasses so that we have crisp, clear vision whether we are at work or socialising in the evenings.

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