Office Lens

What is an Office Lens and Do I Need One?

An office lens helps those people that work in front of a computer, read or write. It’s suitable to use if you work in an office or from work from home.  

The lenses will give you better and relaxed vision at work and provide comfort for your eyes. It will help alleviate tired eyes, eye strain and headaches from concentrated working. Many of our own team members enjoy wearing these lenses. 

How do they work?

These lenses are adapted to make the transition from near to intermediate vision as pleasant as possible.

The lenses are split into two parts – the top half is for intermediate vision, and the bottom half is for near vision – however there is no ‘jump’ from one part of the lens to the other; it is a gradual progression.

Intermediate vision includes things that are about 1-2 metres away – like your computer screen; while near vision includes things that are just in front of you or in your hands – like your mobile phone or a document you’re reading or writing.

The demands of adapting to different work environments make it a great choice for those working in front of a computer, reading or writing.

How can I get an office lens?

When you come in for your eye examination we usually find out about your lifestyle. You may want to mention to the optometrist that you are interested in an office lens. You don’t have to wait until a year is up for your next eye examination. We offer private eye examinations at any point during the year.

These lenses can be put into most of our frames and will make a world of difference.

We are here to help you see better. To book an eye examination click on the link below ↓

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