Lindberg – Introducing the luxury eyewear brand

Lindberg – Introducing the luxury eyewear brand

 Based in Arrhus, Denmark, this small eyewear brand is respected and revered around the world for its stylish, comfortable, and elegant frames. From the simple beautiful designs through to the patented light frames, this is a brand which defines luxury eyewear, and we are pleased to provide our customers with a range of stylish Lindberg frames.

A history of Lindberg design

 Lindberg eyewear designs first burst onto the scene in 1985, with the revolutionary Air Titanium frames. Mr Poul-Jørn Lindberg, an experienced optician decided he wanted to create a range of frames which offered unparalleled style and comfort, so he teamed up with well-known architect Hans Dissing to create a range of light-weight frames.

 Until the Air Titanium frames were released, eyewear was largely centred around bulky, heavy frames, and so it is no surprise that the duo quickly established their design house. Today, the brand’s philosophy of discreet, elegant and considered simplicity, has led to these Scandinavian frames becoming internationally recognised for their world-class quality.

Why are Lindberg frames so popular?

 The first time you hold a pair of Lindberg glasses or sunglasses, you will instantly notice the sophisticated, seamless style which provides the perfect balance between timeless design and complete comfort. It is the technical design and luxurious materials combined with the impeccable craftmanship which makes Lindberg frames so popular.

 This award-winning brand has removed all non-essential welds, screws, and rivets, to create incredibly flexible yet strong frames that are among the lightest in the world. The designs have truly revolutionised the eyewear industry, with every single frame individually crafted to order. For those who are searching for bespoke eyewear, with no mass production, these frames are the stylish statement you need.

 Every single pair of glasses or sunglasses from Lindberg incorporates only the highest quality materials, including titanium, platinum, gold, diamonds, and animal horn, which are all responsibly sourced from around the world. According to Mr Lindberg himself, it is almost impossible to find two identical pairs of frames, in fact with so many potential design possibilities and combinations to choose from, there are more than 6 million options available!

 It is the meticulous attention to detail and timeless design which makes these frames such a desirable option, and we are sure the brand will continue to thrive for many years to come.

RealEyes Opticians – Proud stockists of Lindberg collections

 Here at RealEyes Opticians, we are committed to providing our customers with a range of the most desirable and luxurious eyewear brands, including prestigious designers such as Lindberg. We truly believe that excellent design combined with superior comfort will bring pleasure to the wearer every single day.

 To find out more about Lindberg frames or any other brands within our range, contact our team today or book an appointment with your local RealEyes optician.

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