Child wearing glasses

How do I get my child used to wearing glasses?

Not every child takes to wearing glasses and some struggle with their newfound accessory.

Here are our top tips on helping children love their new glasses:

The Right Fit

Glasses that don’t fit right won’t feel right and children won’t want to wear them if they aren’t comfortable. Make sure before you leave the opticians the glasses are fitted correctly. At Realeyes, we ensure you leave plenty of time on collection for us to adjust children’s glasses.


Don’t turn wearing glasses into a daily battle or constantly nag your child to wear the frames. Help your child understand that being able to see is a gift that is precious in life.

Positive Language

Use encouraging and positive language about their new look. Don’t just remind them how well they’ll be able to see but concentrate on how good they look as well.

Relaxed Mood

When trying glasses on, make sure your child is rested and in a relaxed mood. Rushing them in and out of the opticians appointment will only cause more anxiety.


Encourage and praise your child when they do wear their new frames.


Make glasses-wearing part of their daily routine, like brushing their teeth. They put their glasses on when they wake up and take them off before bed.

If they’re really struggling start with wearing them for short periods of time when they are doing something they enjoy and would benefit their vision and increase the time slowly. 

At Realeyes, we have a great, trendy range of kids glasses from La Font to Ray-Ban. You may remember the struggles you had as a child wearing glasses but nowadays, there’s a style to suit every child. Our high trained staff can guide you through styles, fitting and look at what glasses are suitable around your child’s lifestyle. 

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