Kids Eyewear Brands

Every kid, from the style-savvy to the athletic, should be able to find a frame they love and wear at Realeyes Opticians. Our collections feature the super cool Ray-Ban frames to the more vibrant La Font Frames. We will help you style your child and find a frame that suits their lifestyle.


One of the world’s most iconic brands, the Aviators and Wayfarers have continued to evolve and develop along with the brand. A brand that is true to its roots but is always at the forefront of technological advancements.

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High quality materials, focusing on offering a comfortable and feel lightweight feel on the face. With the greatest respect for ergonomics Wolf want their frames to fit perfectly on each child to allow for optimal comfort.

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Zoobug is a specialist brand of award-winning kids' frames from London. Designed by an ophthalmologist, the frames are made of handmade cellulose acetate; a beautifully comfortable and vibrant material.

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Offering interchangeable fixings and easily adjustable components, Nano Vista frames are made from unbreakable, “child-proof” materials and components, meaning parents don’t have to worry about breakage when their children are out and about playing and doing what children do best!

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Cool frames make your children eager to wear their precription glasses. Oakley® eyeglasses for kids are made to fit their bridge, while providing durability and protection against injury, that mimic the iconic grown-up models.


Stylish and functional, every new design has come directly from the Lafont creation studio. They pride themselves on using colour to enhance their glasses brand with some stunning, colourful pieces on show.