Glasses care and cleaning instructions

To maintain optimum vision and to keep your glasses at their best, we recommend you follow these care guidelines:

  1. Use two hands when taking your glasses off to avoid stretching them
  2. Use the micro fibre lens cloth and specially formulated lens cleaning solution to clean them
  3. Gently, rub the lenses in a circular motion to wipe the cleaning solution across the surface of the lens until the solution has evaporated
  4. When you take your glasses off, store them in the case given
  5. Leave your glasses with the lens faced upwards on a surface
  6. Keep your glasses away from hot and humid conditions (eg car dashboard)

Your glasses have been made and adjusted to fit you, sharing them with others may allow them to change shape

If you can’t see through your glasses don’t panic. Just call the branch you bought them from and come in. Often it’s just a matter of our fully trained staff refitting them for you.

Visit us whenever necessary in order that we can carry out any adjustments or minor repairs before they become more serious