Choosing new Spectacles can be a long process, and ultimately can make an enormous impact on the way you look, just like having your hair done or updating your wardrobe.

Eye glasses are no longer seen as a devise to aid your vision, in this constantly growing fashion conscious world we live in, they are a reflection of your personal image or a decorative piece of jewelry to enhance your facial features.

In the Spectacles market today there are literally hundreds of styles, shapes, materials, colours and sizes to bear in mind, however here at we have a great range of Spectacles for you to choose from to meet your individual requirements.

All our Spectacles are inclusive of Prescription lenses for distance or reading complete with any coatings you would normally pay extra for in the shops. There are simple add-on prices for special lenses and finishes, so you will always know in advance exactly what you are paying for, there are no hidden costs involved at.

Generally one pair of eye glasses is just not enough these days, many people like to have a few pairs for different occasions, one for work, one for leisure, a special pair for going out, or perhaps a different pair for driving. No matter what your Prescription, colour preferences or budget, here at we are confident we have a style and lenses to meet your needs – but where do you start?

Think about the image you want to project to people in your environment, if you mostly wear your Spectacles at work, you may want to choose a traditional classic style, however if you are unreserved and love bright clothes, make a statement and choose a pair of Spectacles to match.

If you want Spectacles for everyday use, to be worn for any occasion, it may be wise to follow our guide for face shapes and colours, because no two people are exactly the same, the key is to emphasise your best features and draw attention away from points which aren’t so good.

Stylish, quality frames for everyone

We carry a wide range of quality frames from a broad spectrum of manufacturers.

Dior Italian duo Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana created their self-named brand in the mid-1980s and have since gone on to enjoy worldwide success Their dream was to create long-term, classic designs that would become investment pieces for followers of the brand. tag-small Starck Alain Mikli Tom Ford Nike Vision Ted Baker Founded in Milan in 1913, Prada has always been recognised as an extremely modern, revolutionary and innovative brand. The Prada DNA focuses on uncompromised quality and Italian design - a tradition kept alive by a continuous process of reinvention and creativity. Calvin Kline With a mission to inspire athletes, their lifestyles and the future of performance, Oakley strives to craft revolutionary products that combine art and science. Boasting lightweight materials and durable frames, Oakley is the brand for active people seeking extreme comfort and high performance. Gucci Since 1937, Ray-Ban has been one of the most successful eyewear brands in the world. Its timeless, authentic, iconic, cool and courageous ethos has made it a cross generation brand worn by movie stars, musicians, athletes, rebels and mavericks. What began with a collection of ties 40 years ago has since grown into a brand that has redefined American style. Reflecting the American aristocratic spirit, Polo Ralph Lauren’s values incorporate a blend of sophisticated vintage-inspired designs with casual elegant styles.