The NHS provides help with the cost of glasses based on Age, Health or Income.

As well as a free NHS eye test, you may also be entitled to an NHS optical voucher that can be used to purchase glasses for FREE.

Who qualifies for an NHS Voucher?

You are entitled if you are:


  • You are under 16
  • You are under 19 years of age and in full-time education


  • You are registered blind or partially sighted
  • You are prescribed a complex lens


  • You or your partner receive Income Support or Income-Based Job Seeker’s Allowance
  • You or your partner receive a Tax Credit and are named on a Tax Credit NHS Exemption Certificate
  • You have a low income and are named on an NHS HC2 certificate for full help with health costs.
  • People named on an NHS certificate for partial help with health costs (HC3) might also get help. See your certificate for details.
  • Please bring your proof of entitlement when you come along for your eye test as you will be asked to provide it.

How can I use my NHS voucher?

FREE GLASSES for our NHS customers

NHS customers are entitled to free frames and lenses from a selected range.

Alternatively – you can choose any other frame in the store and receive a discount on the frame and free lenses.

For any glasses that are priced complete with frame and lenses, we can take your voucher value as payment towards the overall amount.

Terms and Conditions

  • Lenses provided for free are standard, uncoated lenses.
  • Includes single vision, bifocal standard lenses and varifocal lenses.
  • Upgrades and coatings are available please ask for prices.

Kids go FREE

If your child (under 16) is prescribed glasses after their free eye test, our Optometrist will give you an NHS voucher towards the cost.

Free children’s glasses are available from a selected range.

Other ranges are available to choose from priced at £20 or £40, including frames and lenses.

Lens upgrades are available. Only £20 for hard coated lenses or £40 for virtually unbreakable, polycarbonate Nikon lenses.

Terms and Conditions

  • Kids applies to Under 16’s or 16-19 in full time education.
  • Must have a full NHS voucher.
  • Lenses provided for free are standard, uncoated lenses.