Child wearing glasses

How do I get my child used to wearing glasses?

Not every child takes to wearing glasses and some struggle with their newfound accessory.

Here are our top tips on helping children love their new glasses:

The Right Fit

Glasses that don’t fit right won’t feel right and children won’t want to wear them if they aren’t comfortable. Make sure before you leave the opticians the glasses are fitted correctly. At Realeyes, we ensure you leave plenty of time on collection for us to adjust children’s glasses.


Don’t turn wearing glasses into a daily battle or constantly nag your child to wear the frames. Help your child understand that being able to see is a gift that is precious in life.

Positive Language

Use encouraging and positive language about their new look. Don’t just remind them how well they’ll be able to see but concentrate on how good they look as well.

Relaxed Mood

When trying glasses on, make sure your child is rested and in a relaxed mood. Rushing them in and out of the opticians appointment will only cause more anxiety.


Encourage and praise your child when they do wear their new frames.


Make glasses-wearing part of their daily routine, like brushing their teeth. They put their glasses on when they wake up and take them off before bed.

If they’re really struggling start with wearing them for short periods of time when they are doing something they enjoy and would benefit their vision and increase the time slowly. 

At Realeyes, we have a great, trendy range of kids glasses from La Font to Ray-Ban. You may remember the struggles you had as a child wearing glasses but nowadays, there’s a style to suit every child. Our high trained staff can guide you through styles, fitting and look at what glasses are suitable around your child’s lifestyle. 

Children's Eyes

How Do I Know If My Child Has Eye Problems?

Children often have no idea if what they can see is normal. If they have had a problem from when they were really young they just take it as a given that what they can see is normal. That’s where you, as a parent or grandparent can help them.

Ideally, you should be bringing your child in for an eye examination at least once a year so that we can examine their eyes, make sure they are healthy and they can see properly. Here are some telltale signs that something isn’t quite right and you need to visit your local optician. 

Misaligned eyes

If you notice that your child’s eyes don’t look in the same direction you really need to get their eyes examined. If left untreated it can lead to poor visual acuity in their eyes. It’s easily treated when they are young but left untreated can lead to a lazy eye.

Tilting their head to the side

This is also a sign that their eyes can be misaligned. When a child constantly tilts their head to see they are actually changing the angle in which they look at things. Head tilting can also be associated with a condition where the eyelid droops and impairs their vision.


When a child squints they are actually trying to change the shape of the eyes and adjust the amount of light that comes into their eyes. Squinting is often a sign that a child needs their vision corrected with a pair of glasses.

Covering or closing one eye

Children who cover or close one eye are likely to have poor vision in one eye. This eye can be strengthened at a young age by patching the stronger eye, but again, left untreated can lead to a lazy eye.


Headaches can often be related to eye strain. If their vision is blurry their eyes have to work harder to see and this puts stress on them, leading to headaches.

Eye Rubbing

It is quite normal for children to rub their eyes but if they rub them frequently it can be a sign of eye strain, in which case it’s likely they will need to wear glasses. 

Sitting too close to the TV or holding a device too close

Myopia or short-sightedness has been in the news frequently over the last few years. Children don’t understand they can’t see so they naturally sit or hold the device to where they can. If left untreated, myopia can worsen over time. 

Reading inaccurately or missing lines

Many of our patients come to us complaining that when they are reading books the text moves, they get tired reading or they get headaches, eye strain, or even migraines. We offer a visual stress screening for children that can determine whether you could benefit from a different coloured background when reading. 


Does your child walk into doors and tables or tries to pick up something and misses? This could be an indication that they need vision correction or glasses.

Troubling focusing at school

What seems like ‘behavioural issues’ or a ‘short attention span’ at school could just be a vision issue. We have so many children come into our opticians with this issue and have discovered they just can’t see. It’s hard to focus on a task when you can’t see. 

Listening to your children is important. We often hear children come in and tell us they have been telling their parents they can’t see but the parents don’t take them seriously. We understand that as parents it’s difficult to manage everything but your child’s vision is precious and it is better to sort out any vision problems when they are young as leaving it too long can often lead to poor vision and vision loss. 

Your child should have an eye examination at least once a year. You can find out how children’s eyes are examined at Realeyes by clicking here 


COVID19 Update – Essential Eye Care Services

It’s been a whirlwind of a fortnight for us. The NHS is running at full capacity and we have been waiting for some guidance from them on how we can help you when you most need it. The guidance is much clearer now. 

How we are providing our essential eye care service at Realeyes

Call your local branch during normal working hours and leave a message. One of our team will call you back by the end of the working day and help you with your query. 

If your query needs to be referred to our senior optometrist, they will call you back for a phone consultation and help you. At this time, all optometrists have to limit face to face consultations and these will only be carried out where it is absolutely necessary. 

If you’re unsure of anything you can call us – that’s what we are here for. 

Essential Eye Care

You should call us when:

  • You have any essential eye related issues. These can include red eyes, contact lens discomfort, pain, sudden change in vision, flashes and floaters or any other abnormal changes to the eyes;
  • You have broken your glasses, lost contact lenses or need replacement glasses or lenses;
  • You have called 111 and they have advised you to see an optometrist or if you feel delaying your eye examination would be detrimental to your sight or well being.
  • You are unsure whether your eye condition needs urgent attention. Our senior optometrist will be able to advise you.

Collection of Glasses

You should have received a call from us if you have a pair of glasses to collect. If you still have not collected your glasses please call the store and leave a voicemail. One of our team members will call you back and help you. However, please bear with us at this busy time.

Routine Eye Examinations

We cannot provide routine eye examinations. Our internal recall systems have been reprogrammed and if you were due a routine eye examination we will contact you to come in as soon as we are re-open to full capacity. 

Contact Lens

Many of you are on our Contact Lens Direct Debit Scheme, please keep these active and we will deliver these via post. We would like to take this opportunity to remind contact lens wearers to wash their hands thoroughly when inserting and removing their lenses to avoid any infections during this period. For the same reason, we also recommend that you don’t over wear your contact lenses. 

We thank you for your patience. 

Stay well and stay safe.


The number for each store as as follows:

Erdington – 0121 373 0368

Mitcham – 020 8544 5222

Slough – 01753 915060

New Addington – 01689 842152

Whitton – 020 3906 8555

Harrow Road – 020 3897 0200

Wembley – 020 3909 9181

Streatham – 020 8671 8659