The Best Styles of Glasses For Older People

As you get older it is important to take care of your eyesight, and we have a wide range of excellent glasses available. The right pair of glasses will enhance your features and make you look younger, whilst ensuring that you never miss the small details. Whether you are wearing glasses for the first time or simply looking for a more complimentary style, we have put together our useful guide to the best styles of glasses for our mature customers.


The colour of your frames is key, with neutral colours and bright, bold colours always being a stylish option. We recommend avoiding cold blues and greys, and instead opting for bright, warm colours which will enhance your natural colouring. If in doubt, black frames will always add a stylish and sophisticated touch to any outfit. Although, if you do not feel ready to go for a bold colour, we recommend looking for metallic or light colours which reflect you eye and hair colour.


The ideal glasses will be the perfect size for your face, with the top sitting along the brow line or just below. A great way to reflect your youthful personality is with large, oversized frames which will show your confidence and help to hide dark circles and wrinkles. There is no need to stick to a single pair, so why not pick a bold, fun pair for the weekends and a more subtle style for during the week?


We recommend choosing frames which enhance the natural shape of your face, with round and oval shapes often a great choice for older people. It is advisable to avoid shapes with a downward sweep, such as those with an aviator style, as they can make your cheekbones look lower and will age you. Instead, choose upward sweeping designs which will visually life your face and give a more youthful appearance. In particular, we recommend the following styles:

  1. Cat-eye – For women, this statement style will highlight your cheekbones and add a feminine, youthful feel with their timeless style.
  2. Rimless – This frameless style is available in an endless array of lens shapes to perfectly compliment your face shape. The lightweight style is comfortable to wear, making this shape ideal for those who may not be used to wearing glasses.
  3. Horn-rimmed – This is a very flattering shape which works well with round, oval, square and heart shaped faces. We recommend a bold colour which will add a classic yet modern feel to your style.

Here to help you choose the perfect pair of glasses

Above all, we always recommend choosing glasses which compliment your own style and personality, as this will boost your confidence and ensure the sparkle of your eyes shines through.

 Our team can help you to find the perfect style to bring out your features and create a more youthful appearance, whilst also fitting with your lifestyle and individual style. All our staff are professionally trained in fashion styling and pairing up the right lenses with the right pair of glasses. Why not give us a try. 

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How do I Choose My First Pair of Glasses?

If your optician has advised that you need to wear glasses, it may have come as a bit of a shock. However, putting on your first pair of perfectly fitting glasses will enhance your natural features and ensure you see everything clearly. It can be hard to know which style of glasses is best for you, so our dispensing opticians and frame styling experts have put together their top tips for choosing your first pair of glasses.

Choosing Your Lenses

Once you have your prescription, you will be ready to choose the perfect lenses. In the past, lenses were commonly made using mineral glass however high-quality plastic lenses are increasing in popularity. It is also important to consider finishes such as anti-reflective coatings, breakage resistance, self-tinting lenses, and hydrophobic and antistatic coatings. There are also task-specific lenses that can enhance your vision whilst working, playing sport or carrying about your favourite hobby. Your dispensing optician should ask you a series of question that will get to know your lifestyle better to help you choose the correct lens to suit you. 

The Best Frame Shape to Suit Your Face

It may be overwhelming at first when trying to decide which is the most flattering frame shape, and you may be surprised at which styles suit your face shape. In general, if you have a round face the angular frames will work well, and for heart shaped faces we always recommend oval shaped styles. Those with an oval shaped face are lucky, as almost every shape of frame will compliment your features. Our frame stylists have gone to great lengths to understand what glasses suit which face shape. 

Think About Colour and Patterns

There are an almost endless array of colours and patterns to choose from, and we always advise our customers to pick frame colours which compliment their skin tone and personal style. Whether you are looking for a bright and bold style or a more traditional tortoiseshell design, there will always be an option which enhances your individual style, which we can help you with. 

Consider Your Comfort

If you are not used to wearing glasses regularly, the weight of heavier styles may be uncomfortable. If you will be wearing glasses daily you should choose a comfortable lightweight style, although for occasional wear, a heavier frame will be fine. We stock brands like Lindberg, that give you the options for a lightweight frame.

What is Your Budget?

Setting a budget is one of the most important steps in choosing a pair of glasses, as the price can vary greatly. We always aim to stock the best quality glasses at the most competitive prices, and we believe a great pair of glasses is possible without breaking the bank.

If you are hoping to purchase a spare pair of glasses or prescription sunglasses in addition to your main pair, we can recommend pairs which fit within your budget. Alternatively, if you have a designer brand which you love to wear, we can point you in the direction of this season’s latest styles.

Whatever you choose we want to make things easier for you so we can offer an interest free credit option to pay for your glasses over a few months. 

An Expert Team of Advisors

Here at Realeyes Opticians, our team are always on hand to help when you are trying on and comparing frames. We can offer our expert advice to help you find the best frames for your lenses, your lifestyle, and your face shape. Your glasses will become a key part of your identity and our team will help you to express your style with a pair of glasses that suit your budget and your lifestyle.

To find out more you can book an appointment at your local branch. 

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What Are The Latest Trends in Designer Glasses?

Here at Realeyes Opticians, we love eyecare and we are passionate about providing our customers with the latest styles from designers across the world. Whether you are looking for stylish everyday glasses or a designer pair of sunglasses, we believe that glasses can be an excellent style statement. From sophisticated classic styles to quirky designs which are sure to make you stand out in a crowd, we take a look at the latest trends in designer glasses.

Vintage Inspired

Frames inspired by the geometric shapes of the 70’s are proving to be very popular, with circles, ovals and square shapes in bold colours sure to give your style a boost. Whether you have a round face, a square shaped face or an oval shaped face, these geometric styles will flatter your features.

Metal Wired Glasses

When it comes to classic wire-framed styles, Ray-Ban’s timeless aviators will always be on trend. However, other designers are adding to this iconic style with metal framed glasses available in a range of shapes, sizes, and colours. If you are looking for comfort, practicality and style, these metal frames are very durable, flexible, and lightweight.

Tortoise Shell

For those who love all things retro, tortoiseshell patterns are a versatile style option. Many designers are adding a modern twist to this vintage style with bold shapes and translucent frames. This flexible pattern can be mixed with a variety of outfits, from business wear to casual weekend clothes, and there are many colours and shades to choose from.

Tinted Lenses

From rustic golden hues to rose-tinted lenses, these colourful styles are definitely a great option for those looking for an eye-catching style. We recommend a lighter pastel hue for day-to-day wear, which can be beautifully paired with a range of frame styles.

Clear Frames

The translucent clear frames provide the perfect balance between being on-trend and sophisticated, with styles available that look great on both men and women. In particular, the clear grey, golden honey and dusted pink are proving to be very popular with designers this year. This transparent style carried through many designer items this season, with bags, shoes and even trench coats given a clear makeover.

Embellished Frames

If you love all things glam, embellished frames are the perfect option for you. The runway this year was filled with sparkling frames which are sure to add a touch of glam to your everyday wardrobe. Take your wardrobe up a notch with Swarovski crystals, bold colours, and luxurious frames.

Cat-eye Glasses

The geometric shape of cat-eye glasses will flatter your face shape and allow your personality to shine through, thanks to their playful design. If you are looking for a pair of glasses which are professional enough for the boardroom, whilst bringing out your fun side, cat-eye glasses are the perfect on trend style.

Now that you know the key trends to look out for, it is time to find your next pair of glasses. We’ve trawled through fashion houses across the globe to bring you the latest fashion trends in store. Our staff are fully fashion styling trained and can help you pick your perfect pair with the best advice on what will look good on you coupled with advice on the right lenses for you. Book an appointment with us and try on the latest trends and designers in a comfortable and safe environment.

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Are Sunglasses Really Necessary?

The answer is YES!

This week marks Sun Awareness Week and we really wanted to remind you how important it is to stay safe in the sun.

It’s quite easy to be safe when outside, with the simplest and most important thing is to put on sun screen and wear your sunglasses. Make sure you put on a hat, or cover your skin as well. It’s the easy things like this that save your skin and eyes from harmful and painful damage caused by the sun when over-exposed.

What damage can the sun cause?

Over-exposure to the sun’s rays can cause serious damage to your body and eyes. You have to protect yourself from skin cancers and sunglasses will protect your eyes from the Ultra Violet Rays, which can have harmful effects on the eyelid, cornea, lens and retina.

Who is affected?

Everyone is affected by damage to the skin and eyes from the sun. Many people don’t realise that the sun can have a long term impact on eyes when they’re left unprotected. From cataracts to sunburn (yes, your eyes can get sunburned) it’s important to protect your them.


Have you ever spent a day in the sun without your sunglasses and experienced watering, itchy, gritty dry eyes – that’s probably sunburn. You can help alleviate the symptoms by using a cool compress on your eyes.


This is the clouding of the lens of the eyes, where your vision becomes blurry and difficult to see. Research has shown that UV light from the sun’s rays is a significant factor in the onset of cataracts.

Macular Degeneration

The macular is the main part where you see from and as you get older it deteriorates. UV exposure, over time, can increase the onset of macular degeneration.

So this year, remember to wear sunscreen, wear a t-shirt, stay in the shade and wear a decent pair of sunglasses and during Sun Awareness Week spread the word of sun safety and the dangers of over exposure!

It is important to invest in the right pair of sunglasses for your visual needs. There are a number of different types of lenses including polarised, tinted, mirrored – all with different benefits and styles. We can help you choose the right pair for your lifestyle.

Designer glasses

Are Designer Glasses Worth It?

Patients who come in and swap their budget-friendly glasses for a pair of great designer ones, never regret it. Here’s why we think your next pair of glasses should be a designer pair: 

Creates a foundation to any wardrobe

A pair of designer glasses are versatile and can match any outfit. The same pair of glasses can be worn at work and for an evening out and can be jazzed up with a great outfit, handbag or pair of shoes.

Elevates your outfits

Investing in a great pair of glasses means the quality is unparalleled. The quality, style, craftsmanship, and design can elevate any outfit that you wear adding a sense of chic and glamour or even professionalism. And what’s more, they’ll stay looking the same longer than budget-friendly glasses.

The cost per wear makes it worthwhile

Think about what your wardrobe is really costing you. Many of us have designer handbags or shoes that we wear only on special occasions. You wear your glasses every day. This definitely makes the cost per wear worthwhile.

They are super durable

People who have worn unbranded glasses come to us to buy a new pair of designer glasses. One thing they tell us is how durable designer glasses actually are. People rarely come back to complain about the quality of a designer pair of glasses. The manufacturers put the glasses through a stringent quality check.

Have a great feel-good factor

There’s a certain feel-good factor that goes with wearing a designer pair of glasses and since you wear your glasses every day and they are a necessity, you might as well feel good wearing them.

You can pay from them slowly

Many of our patients choose designer glasses and pay for them through our interest-free credit option. You can wear a stunning pair of designer glasses and pay for them slowly.


Top Reasons Why You Should Wear Sunglasses in the Winter

When you think of preparing for winter we think of hats, scarves, gloves and a big wooly jumper. But very few people realise that sunglasses are as important in the winter as they are in the summer.

We recommend you keep your sunglasses out in the winter just as much as in the winter and here’s why: 

The Sun’s Rays

The suns rays are just as strong in the winter as they are in the summer, we just don’t feel the heat as much. Ultra Violet (UV) are just as present in the winter months and can damage your cornea, eye lens and other parts of your eyes. UV rays from sun exposure can be a great contributing factor the development of cataracts and macular degeneration. It’s worth protecting yourself.

The Sun Sits Lower

The sun sits lower during the winter months which leads to more direct exposure to harmful UV radiation. Your sunglasses can help you see more clearly on those sunny days in winter give you better vision when driving.

Protects You From Dry Eyes

Cold winds and snow are more harmful to your eyes than you might think. Wind and snow causes the moisture in your eyes to dry up causing your eyes to suffer from dry eyes. This common condition causes irritation, red, sore and gritty eyes which can be painful. You’re much less likely to suffer from dry eyes by wearing a good pair of sunglasses for protection making your eyes feel more comfortable. 

Our Top Winter Protection Tips:

There are many options for sunglasses, you can have a separate pair of sunglasses with your prescription, you can have a Transition tint put into your current glasses that helps your glasses go dark when you’re outside, you can even have a polarised lens to help reduce the glare.


Help! I Can’t See Properly When Driving in the Dark

Driving at night is a chore and with the winter months setting in faster than we’d like, most of us will be driving to and from work and school runs in hours of darkness.

Do you find the oncoming headlights really difficult to navigate? Do they shine bright into your eyes and you struggle to see blinding you whilst you are driving?

Night time driving has been deemed the most visually demanding task you will encounter. Road casualty statistics show 40% of road collisions occur in the hours of darkness.

We’re always looking for ways to help our patients see better. The good news is we have partnered up with Seiko vision to bring you a great coating we can add to your lenses called RoadClearCoating.

It significantly reduced irritating glare and reflections from oncoming traffic, wet surfaces and other similar things.

The coating can help reduce ghosting effects and haloing around lights when night driving, improve your ability to see and contrast, reducing eyestrain and fatigue.

Older drivers benefit from the road experience but as we get older we can face difficulties with contrast sensitivity, light and dark adaptation, glare, colour perception and restricted field of view; and these difficulties are often exaggerated when driving at night.

It is therefore essential for the older driver to have a regular eye examination and to discuss the lens options and features that will benefit them and enhance their vision for driving at night.

Our highly qualified staff can carry out a comprehensive eye heath examination and help chose the right lens for night time driving.

Top tips for night drivers:

We want you to arrive safely at your destination when driving at night. Book an appointment for an eye examination and we can help you drive better at night. 

Office Lens

What is an Office Lens and Do I Need One?

An office lens helps those people that work in front of a computer, read or write. It’s suitable to use if you work in an office or from work from home.  

The lenses will give you better and relaxed vision at work and provide comfort for your eyes. It will help alleviate tired eyes, eye strain and headaches from concentrated working. Many of our own team members enjoy wearing these lenses. 

How do they work?

These lenses are adapted to make the transition from near to intermediate vision as pleasant as possible.

The lenses are split into two parts – the top half is for intermediate vision, and the bottom half is for near vision – however there is no ‘jump’ from one part of the lens to the other; it is a gradual progression.

Intermediate vision includes things that are about 1-2 metres away – like your computer screen; while near vision includes things that are just in front of you or in your hands – like your mobile phone or a document you’re reading or writing.

The demands of adapting to different work environments make it a great choice for those working in front of a computer, reading or writing.

How can I get an office lens?

When you come in for your eye examination we usually find out about your lifestyle. You may want to mention to the optometrist that you are interested in an office lens. You don’t have to wait until a year is up for your next eye examination. We offer private eye examinations at any point during the year.

These lenses can be put into most of our frames and will make a world of difference.

We are here to help you see better. To book an eye examination click on the link below ↓

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Is My Company Enrolled on the VPS programme and How Can I Access It?

Realeyes The Eye Clinic has become a well-known provider of one of the best Vision Service Plan (VSP) insurances on the market. We work alongside the health insurance company to ensure you get the best possible eye care service. We can style you with a great pair of glasses as well. 

What is VSP Eye Insurance?

VSP is a vital insurance plan that ensures you get the best optical care when you need it the most. Not only because it’s handy not to have to fork out thousands on designer specs you can’t really afford two weeks into your paycheck, but also because they invested millions into the best optical testing which can detect diabetes, diseases and tumours. Getting your eyes tested through your VSP plan could potentially save your life. 

Do I qualify for VSP?

Individual plans are not available at present. You could be eligible for a VSP if you are an employer or if you have a health care company or private healthcare plan. You’ll be seen at your local independent optician at Realeyes which has major benefits over high street chain. Use our checker below to see if your company is enrolled on the programme ↓

What Benefits Will I Get?

You would be entitled to the following: 

  • Eye Exams 
  • Glasses
  • Corrective Lenses
  • Contact Lenses
  • Special Lenses For Glasses

Benefits do vary for each VSP plan so please check your plan to see what you are covered for. 

VSP eye examinations are particularly important if you work in front of a computer. Your opticians can offer you computer glasses, which are different from regular eyeglasses or reading glasses, and they provide several solutions to optimise your eyesight.

Why Realeyes?

As a VSP optometrist, we are committed to providing personalised service and the best possible care to help you see well for life. We’re knowledgeable, helpful and friendly and will get to know you and your family. Through this personal relationship, your optometrist will be able to offer high quality eyecare and health care.

People who enjoy excellent vision often wonder whether they really need to schedule an eye exam. But an eye exam is just as much about checking the health of your eyes as it is evaluating how well you can see.

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Login and make sure you are enrolled on VSP website https://vsp-uk.co.uk/

Book yourself in for an eye examination and bring VSP member ID number and we’ll do the rest! 

We’ll tell you how much you are entitled to and talk you through your benefits. Just remember to bring in some form of ID so we can identify you and keep your VSP account safe!

Woman wearing sunglasses

Why Sunglasses Are So Important For Your Eyes

We’re all aware by now that although sunglasses are a great fashion accessory to add to any wardrobe they actually have a health benefit and protect our eyes from harmful Ultra Violet (UV) rays. They should be a necessary part of any wardrobe.

How sunglasses work

The sun’s rays can penetrate through different areas of your eyes. 

UVA rays can reach the retina in the back of your eye and UVB rays reach the cornea in the front of the eye. Sunglasses prevent these rays from penetrating your eye, helping prevent damage to the eyes and in many cases vision loss.

Sunglasses are just like sunscreen you put on your skin. Just like sunscreen protects your skin from dangerous UV light, UV coating can be added to glasses lenses to help block harmful rays from causing damage to your eyes.

What to look for when buying a pair of sunglasses

When thinking of buying a pair of sunglasses it’s important to choose a fashionable pair. Many people go for a designer pair to encourage them to wear them all the time. It’s nice to wear a trendy pair of sunnies. But that’s not all, you need to look out for

99% UV protection levels – this means your pair of sunglasses will filter out all of the harmful UV rays that can damage your eyes.

Wraparound sunglasses – these style of sunglasses will  give you better coverage as they cover more of the eyes.

Polarisation – polarised sunglasses filter the light in a different way reducing the glare that you may face. Keen sports enthusiast and people who drive often prefer these style of sunglasses.

Tint colour – this is purely cosmetic so go for a colour that suits your face complexion and personality.

What sunglasses will suit my face and give me the best protection?

Just like a pair of glasses, different styles suit different faces. Our staffing team are frame stylists and can help you choose a pair that will suit your working environment and lifestyle.

We are all looking for a brand of glasses that speak our style. See what brands we stock here