Let your glasses speak your style with Cartier, Lindberg and Chopard

Your sense of style is a reflection of your personality, it is how you present yourself to the world and the clothes we wear and the accessories we choose have the power to shape the way we feel. Whether you are looking to grab attention with bold colours and prints, create a sophisticated impression with a smart outfit or show yourself as a style icon with the latest designer eyewear, the brands we choose are highly significant.

Here, we take a closer look at some of the world’s most renowned brands, Cartier, Lindberg and Chopard, which are all known for their stylish eyewear ranges, so that you can find the inspiration you need to speak your style through eyewear.


This is a brand that since 1847 has become synonymous with luxurious, timeless style. Although the brand rose to popularity within the French Imperial court, after more than 100 years the brand diversified into bespoke eyewear in 1983. The first collections Vendôme de Cartier and Les Must quickly became a fashion staple, especially within Detriot where the thin gold-rimmed frame and double ‘C’ design carried an enviable status.

The term ‘Cartier Buffs’ was popularised in Detroit, as a description for the most expensive buffalo horn designs. It is this use of natural materials alongside patterns from Asia and South America which has continued to drive the unique designs and with 18 carat gold in varying tones, it is not hard to see why Cartier is such a status symbol. With everyone from French princesses to hip-hop stars choosing Cartier, when you wear a pair of Cartier glasses you will undoubtedly be seen as a cultural icon.


Very few eyewear designers can claim to design glasses for royalty, however the effortless elegance of Lindberg glasses have been worn by high-profile patrons including Queen Elizabeth II, Richard Gere, Steve Jobs, Elton John, and Robert De Niro. The feather-light titanium designs are some of the strongest frames around, so you will never find a rivet, screw, or weld on any Lindberg designs, and as the designers of the world’s first titanium glasses you can be sure they will be of the highest quality.

The elegant and timeless styles are finished with acetate, horn, gold, platinum and even diamonds to create truly sought-after masterpieces, and since 1984 the brand has picked up more than 40 awards around the world. For those looking for a comfortable yet stylish frame, Lindberg is the brand of choice.

However, the designers only work with a niche group of specialist optometrists, which ensures that every single pair of Lindberg glasses is completely made to measure for each customer. If you are searching for eyewear which is completely bespoke, you can be sure that the privilege of wearing Lindberg glasses will leave you feeling confident and proud.


Chopard is a brand which is known around the world for its luxurious eyewear, in fact, many consider Chopard to be the crème de la crème of haute couture. From the famous watches, handbags and jewellery to the beautiful eyewear, the attention to detail and precise designs truly stand out from other brands.

From humble beginnings in Switzerland in the 19th century, artisan watchmaker Louis-Ulysse Chopard set out to change the world of fashion forever with his famous flair for style, precision, and reliability. By the 1970’s the brand had expanded into the eyewear industry, with designs that stay true to the original painstaking watchmaking process.

As one of the last family-run businesses of its kind in the world, the Chopard range is seen by many style icons as the ultimate accessory. With bold and eye-catching designs that are perfect for the style conscious individuals, the beautiful diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and pearls combined with gold and other precious metals are a true symbol of unique and fashionable eyewear.

We hope that the insight we have provided into some of the most stylish brands in the world has provided you with some inspiration. When you choose your next pair of frames, although your budget may not stretch to some of these most luxurious eyewear brands, here at Realeyes Opticians we are known for our wide range of stylish glasses and sunglasses, and we have options available to suit every budget.

Our team are always on hand to offer style advice and we take pride in helping our clients to express their individual style. To find out more, please book an appointment with our team today.

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